New Era Farm Is Your Hay Huts Dealer in Aiken, SC

Are you tired of:

  • Losing your expensive hay to the elements?
  • Watching your horses use their hay as bedding, or worse, as a latrine?
  • Watching bickering in your pastures?
  • Lugging hay to your horses several times a day?

We have a solution to all of that...

Hay Huts feeder for horses
Horse enjoying clean dray hay in his Hay Hut

Hay Huts!

  • With a Hay Hut protecting your expensive hay you will not lose your investment to rain, snow or sun.
  • Horses will not spread their hay around or use their hay as bedding or latrines.
  • Horses relax, knowing there is plenty to go around.
  • When you use a Hay Hut your labor is GREATLY reduced. You no longer have to throw hay several times a day, stuff hay bags, or clean up ruined, spread hay.
  • Fill your Hay Hut and forget it for a week or longer.

Hay Huts save money, time, and labor while creating harmony in your pasture!

The windows allow each horse to have a safe place to graze, with no need to run others off. Everyone has a place at the table when you have a Hay Hut!

Use with large round bales or any square bales, they all are protected from the elements. In just a few months your Hay Hut will have paid for itself and will remain in money-saving service for many years to come.

Over 15,000 Hay Huts have been sold, with many repeat customers. One of our customers has had her Hay Hut for 12 years and loves it so much she has moved it all over the country. When she got more horses, she came to us for a second Hay Hut.


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Horses sharing a Hayhut

No More Wasted Hay

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